Why do you use an ERC20 token? What role does Bitcoin news play for you?

ERC20 token

ERC20 defines a standard interface for tokens (Smart Contracts) based on Ethereum. We have implemented this interface to ensure that the REME-Coin is compatible with existing wallets and exchanges from the very beginning.

Do you really need a Bitcoin news blockchain for your project? Why?

The blockchain or Bitcoin news smart contract enables us to integrate all complex cashback processes into the payment process in real time. In practice this Bitcoin news means according to onlinebetrug: no matter where or when someone pays with the REME-Coin (online, offline, for new or even used items), everything that is paid with the REME-Coin qualifies for up to 100% cash back. The registration of purchases in the cashback system takes place via Smart Contract.

With existing cashback portals, it is often the case that cashback distributions only take place after a few weeks. repay.me solves this problem by using the blockchain. When booking with the REME-Coin, repay.me receives advertising revenue immediately, so that the cashback payments can be made in a very short time and are visible and traceable in the blockchain.

The REME-Coin represents advertising clicks. Does this mean that I am flooded with advertising when I use repay.me?

The short answer is: no. The amount of advertising is comparable with other well-known marketplaces. Thanks to our personalized and innovative forms of advertising, our users only receive those advertisements that are likely to be of interest to the individual. This is made possible by the data of our users, who at the same time represent the value behind our REME-Coin. Each REME-Coin represents 10 advertisements. A target group to be advertised can be put together as desired. In the course of time, our data volume will increase, along with the possibilities for compiling target groups, which makes the REME-Coin more and more interesting for the advertising industry. This is where our fair share concept comes into play, because all this is only possible thanks to our repay.me community, which we return to each individual in the form of a cashback.

The daily cashback payments to our community are completely detached from the individual consumption of advertisements on our marketplace – they are generated by the normal booking and playout of advertisements.

When will I be able to buy the first article on repay.me?

2018 is an exciting year for repay.me. Our ICO is expected to start on March 1st and run until May 15th. One month later (14.06.18) the coins will be issued. The pre-launch phase of our platform starts on 1 June and lasts until mid-July. Then finally our marketplace will be launched on July 16th. A goal that more than 40 colleagues are working on every day with full commitment and which our growing community is looking forward to full of excitement and anticipation.

Where do you see each other in a year?

In one year we have realized a successful ICO and start of the marketplace as well as strengthened our development and support team. Our repay.me community has now grown to 400,000 users and our international marketplace is starting to establish itself further. It will also be possible to shop online and offline with the REME-Coin by credit card or app, always with the idea of up to 100% cash back in mind.